Tailored Benefits

CCS offers multiple benefits to various clientele

Migrating abroad

Moving Overseas? Take your family car with you and Save! Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) enables the best use of inner container space. We provide the option to load both the family car and personal items packaged beneath the vehicle in a single container.

Motorsports team

When attending motorsport rallies and events, benefit from low-cost shipping. Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) allows teams to make the best use of inner container space. Feel free to transport both vehicles and any spare parts you need, in a single container. Interested? Contact Us Today on: info@car-rak.com

Classic Car rallies

Increase Attendance! With low-cost shipping worldwide, the entrance costs at Classic Car rallies can be lowered, enabling more people to attend. We recently provided a Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) Rate to the Morgan Rally Team.