CCS offers a truly vast range of services and expertise

Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) Rate

Working in collaboration with, we are able to assist you with the shipping of your vehicle from the departure point of your choice to over 500 worldwide destinations. This service is ideally suited to clients who seek the benefits of communication, co-ordination and assistance throughout the entire shipping process. This service can be tailored to suit your requirements. If these features are what you are seeking to help your business run more smoothly, we will be delighted to hear from you.

Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) Lease (Long Term)

This is a long term option to aid those interested in shipping multiple vehicles in one container over an extended period. To facilitate the start of your lease we will ship the racking system to you; you will then be able to fit this innovative structure in any shipping container you wish to use. This service is ideally suited to clients intent on making multiple overseas trips using the racking over a set period of time. The minimum period of the contract for leasing the racking system is 6 months (lower rates for 1 year),

To find out more about subscribing to this service feel free to contact us on:

Please note: After the approved time limit of use has lapsed, you will be responsible for returning the racking system to the agreed accredited depot, which are positioned worldwide.

Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) Hire (Short Term)

For those interested in using the Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) service for a single or return trip, on a less frequent basis, we offer a hiring option. This service is perfect for vehicle shipping companies with few movements. This is a hassle free service in which, we will arrange for the racking to be returned to an accredited depot, via an LCL shipment.

Consolidated Car Shipping (CCS) Accredited Academy

Consolidated Car Shipping Ltd. provides accreditation to depots that wish to use its service. This consists of training days, manuals and video guides. Upon completion of the learning process, a final test will be provided online to become an official accredited loader/depot.

To learn more and find out how you could benefit from becoming an accredited depot feel free to contact us today: