BMW 3D prints for a dual-purpose: less pain and better efficiency

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 It’s about diminishing strain on the thumbs’ of BMW’s factory workers…

Fully aware of the exertion required by its manufacturing line workers, German carmaker BMW has introduced a new technology to reduce the strain on its employee’s thumbs. The creation of these augmented thumbs is thanks to the help of the Department of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich.

The thumb technology acts as a splint for its wearer and reduces strain by spreading the pressure involved when pushing a stiff object.

car shipping, International car shipping, BMW 3D print

Inside the 3D printing…

In regards to its technical features, the device is made from a mixture of plastic and silicone. Thanks to a transportable 3D camera, a tailored thumb is created to imitate to perfection each line-worker thumb.


There are several benefits to the artificial thumb, which has gained a widespread appeal among factory workers. The main advantage of this ingenious device is that it prevents pain and injury. As a result, production of the augmented thumb is set to increase.

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Detect who is driving your car with Mobii

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Could you imagine a world without car theft?

Ford has begun experimenting with technology, which aims to enhance car security. Taking this into account, the carmaker hopes to increase the customer experience.

Have you ever heard about Mobii?

Mobii is Ford’s new in-car technology. With the help of experts Intel, this software is capable of recognising the face of the car owner. How? Simply, by using sensors and cameras which monitor the car interior.

By means of a Ford mobile application, this software is able to warn you if it doesn’t recognise the registered drivers face. In this situation, the driver receives a photo of the person behind their car steering wheel. You are then presented with multiple choices:

– If you know the person, you can allow them to drive your car. However, you are capable of imposing certain restrictions. These include a limited speed (very useful for parents), the volume of the radio or even the ability to block users from accessing the in-car phone system.

– However, if the person behind the wheel is an intruder, you have the option to lock all the cars features, so the car cannot be driven. This system is therefore useful in the prevention of car burglary as the criminal’s photo is in your possession and they cannot use your vehicle.

The in-car camera system also allows you to search the interior of your car to check if you have forgotten something inside.

Not to mention, when you start your car, Mobii is able to recognise your voice and hand gestures, so you can interact with the car, without taking your eyes of the road. For example opening the sunroof can be done by a simple voice command or hand signal. Consequently, this system is useful in the prevention of road accidents that are caused by distraction.

Overall, the Ford Mobii looks to broaden customer experience, by providing an improved sense of security and additional safety features.

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Linux introduces open-source software for cars

international car shipping, Linux technology for car, car shipping serviceWith the abundance of the technology in this day and age, it was only a matter of time until cars became part of the digital era. Although, it is already widely used in obscured operations within cars, the Linux operating system has had a radical upgrade, which is likely to impact the car manufacturing industry.

Linux will ease the gap between car manufacturers that have invested in infotainment to a great extent over the years and those that have not. This updated operating system will make it easier for manufacturers to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their vehicles.

As a piece of open-source software, Linux allows manufacturers to modify its appearance to suit their individual brand. Taking into account the overall driving experience, Linux has included hands-on functionality, such as media music player, smart device integrations and a newsreader, to name a few.

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Android-Auto Car launches this year!

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You’ve heard of Android mobile phones, but what about Android-enabled cars?

The fight between the two giants Google and Apple continues. Although, instead of mobile phones, their next industry looks to be cars, with Apple’s CarPlay battling it out against Google’s Android Auto.

This Googlefied platform will be a feature of two top-class brands this year, Audi and Volvo.

In addition to an outstanding car, you can enjoy all the useful applications from Android. Including, Google Maps, Play Music etc.

Whereas, Volvo has specified Android Auto will be featured in its latest model, XC90, Audi have yet to confirm. However, both companies claim their Androidenabled cars will be ready for release this year.

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Driverless cargo ships, what’s next?

car shipping, cargo shipping, Rolls RoyceWe previously reported on driverless cars, but have you ever heard of a driverless cargo ship?

Based in Alesund, Norway, the Blue Ocean team from Rolls-Royce have developed a simulation prototype, which demonstrates a 360-degree view from the vessel’s bridge.

According to Rolls-Royce, they envision a future whereby captains remain docked on dry land and command several cargo ships from a single control center.

These so called “Drone Ships” are seen as safer, more environmentally friendly and cheaper. Although, there will be savings made in terms of fuel, due to a lighter vessel and the cost of employing a crew to man the ship, there is also much skepticism in terms of safety standards, the risk of piracy and union opposition due to loss of jobs.

Supported by the European Union, a prototype is currently being prepared that will test the costs and benefits, via virtual-reality sea trials

We could see “Drone Ships” transporting cargo, including cars in as little as 10 years.

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Multimodal 2014 NEC Birmingham: Want to meet us?

Exhibitors at Multimodal 2014 represent the crème de la crème of the transport and logistics industry. Participating sectors cover the complete spectrum of the market and whatever your needs or requirements, rest assured that they can be fulfilled at Multimodal 2014.

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Malaysia: New Honda City chalks up 10,000 bookings within a month

Honda launched its New Honda City with great success, breaking sales in the process. This proves Honda is a hot seller in Malaysia.

The car was launched in the country at a price of RM76,000 in the third week of March. Bookings went into overdrive right from the first few days following the launch, as a result of which the City managed to eclipse the Honda CR-V, which was the previous best at 3,000 bookings in a month.

The company’s production plant in Pegoh is ramping up its capacity so as to keep up with the demand for the car. The cars are expected to be delivered by June.


Malaysians have apparently taken to the fourth generationCity’s advanced features and ample cabin and cargo space. The new City comes equipped with features like six airbags (for the top-end variant), VSA and ISO Fix while its trunk space is the largest in the B segment at 536 litres.

It also boasts smart entry, push start button, cruise control, touch panel auto air-conditioning, rear air-conditioning, and entertainment enhancements such as the 7-inch display, and eight-speaker audio system.

Honda Malaysia has set itself a target of selling 76,000  units of this car in the country in 2014.

April Fool’s Day 2014: The best of the car manufacturers

Yesterday was April fool’s Day. Many companies showed their excellent sense of humour proposing hard to believe, brand new vehicles.

Here is a little selection of the companies’ April Fool’s Day jokes.


You would have heard of the Cooper S and Cooper D MINI models by now, well MINI asked you to suspend disbelief to accommodate a Cooper T. It sounds credible until you learn that the car supposedly runs on tea. On a single cup you will be able to cover 40 miles. This car is also equipped with Dunk Avoidance Technology to prevent unscrupulous individuals from lowering biscuits into the fuel tank; the Cooper T was a tough one to swallow.


Missed out on tickets to Brazil this summer for the World Cup? No problem! Vauxhall has created the Brazilian World Cup Astra. Inside you are guaranteed to feel like you’re on a Brazilian beach with sand on the floor and the turf-covered seats. Ah, Ideal for the football fans!




BMW announced a new system that puts the thrill back into driving. They claim that the Force Injection Booster works by “extracting kinetic energy from the car’s engine and converting it into positive g-forces”. The effect is that drivers can experience the pleasure of high speed driving even at modest speeds of just 20mph. Moreover BMW ‘AirNet’ technology works to keep occupants hairdos in superb condition while all this is going on!



Independent dealers upbeat car sector

Independent used car retailers are more confident now, indeed, according to the CAP Automotive, there is more high quality stock around a better balance between supply and demand.

The CAP questions monthly a Dealer Insight Panel of 100 independent used car retailers.

At the beginning of 2014 there was a shortage of high quality stock, which caused prices to rise.

CAP communications manager Mike Hind said: “Although used car retail sales have been good for independent dealers this year, profitability was proving a real challenge because of the increase in wholesale values caused by strong competition for the best quality stock.”

We can also notice that now they appear to have come to terms with the higher prices and are once again enjoying the fact that retail demand is keeping the metal moving.

Moreover the survey figures reveal that many more dealers have been holding off on stock purchase than were doing so at this point last year.

“This is no doubt due to expectations that the March plate change would bring in a fresh influx of high quality part-exchange vehicles which would ease the supply side and possibly lead to lower trade values” said Mike Hind.


Do you want to drive the Batmobile?

Are you a fan of Batman? Have you ever dream to drive his mythic Batmobile?

For “only” £120 000 you have the possibility to take you for batman on the Firebox website. This is an officially licensed replica. It’s based on the iconic 1966 mean machine driven by Adam West in the classic TV series. When someone talks about Batman or its Batmobile you will think about gadgets.

The creator of  the car hasn’t forgotten that point. You can see below the six major gadgets included in the car.

  The actual Batmobile has been inspired by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company in 1955 and was named the Lincoln Futura. This original car has been sold to George Barris in 1965 for $1.00 and customized several times for the TV series. The happy new owner of the original Batmobile is Rick Champagne since 2014; he bought this wonder for $4.2 Millions.

Yes, the original Batmobile is already sold! But don’t worry you can buy a duplicate as nice as the real one for some thousand dollars. What about the shipment?? No worries! Car-Rak’s team will be pleased to help you!