Do you want to drive the Batmobile?

Are you a fan of Batman? Have you ever dream to drive his mythic Batmobile?

For “only” £120 000 you have the possibility to take you for batman on the Firebox website. This is an officially licensed replica. It’s based on the iconic 1966 mean machine driven by Adam West in the classic TV series. When someone talks about Batman or its Batmobile you will think about gadgets.

The creator of  the car hasn’t forgotten that point. You can see below the six major gadgets included in the car.

  The actual Batmobile has been inspired by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company in 1955 and was named the Lincoln Futura. This original car has been sold to George Barris in 1965 for $1.00 and customized several times for the TV series. The happy new owner of the original Batmobile is Rick Champagne since 2014; he bought this wonder for $4.2 Millions.

Yes, the original Batmobile is already sold! But don’t worry you can buy a duplicate as nice as the real one for some thousand dollars. What about the shipment?? No worries! Car-Rak’s team will be pleased to help you!